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Contact Info.

The best way to contact me is by email, I check it regularly! Don't hesitate to send questions or concerns my way. Effective communication always results in a better outcome for our students :) 

Meet the Teacher

Dear Family,

            Hello, my name is Kaylee Hilton and I am excited to be working with your child over the course of this school year. I just recently graduated from USC with a degree in the Early Childhood education and now have high hopes to apply my knowledge in a classroom of my own full of bright young learners. This is clearly a very impressionable age and I take that seriously. All the love and encouragement that I received from my past teachers is what I hope to in turn give back to your child during our time together.

            Just to give you a quick idea of who I am outside the classroom, I have listed a few fun facts as well as attached a photo of me and my family below. I come from a family of five, who all make Spartanburg S.C a forever home. Sandwiched between two brothers I have learned how to handle any and every kind of ball there is. If I were to choose a favorite sport, there would be a tie between volleyball and soccer. When there isn’t a fun game to be played, I enjoy sitting on a couch with a book in my hand slipping away into the world of literacy. I am looking forward to entering into this same world with your child and I hope that my excitement is contagious! Welcome to Kindergarten!


Ms. Hilton