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Weekly Spelling Words

Here is the link to the Quizlet for this week's spelling/vocabulary words  https://quizlet.com/_5k7nvg

Spelling and Vocabulary List for November 5-16


  1. advantage - (n) something that puts someone in a better position; a benefit; you have the edge over

                                          someone else

                        The advantage of sitting up front is being able to see the movie better.


  1. ambition - (n) a strong desire for importance or success; a goal

                        My ambition is to be an excellent artist.


  1. defiant - (adj) showing strong resistance; willing to challenge or confront; disobedient

                        The defiant team member refused to listen to the coach.


  1. fearsome - (adj) frightening or alarming; scary

                        That horror movie was quite fearsome.


  1. imply - (v) to suggest something without saying it directly; to hint

                        Their kind remarks imply that they want me to join in.


  1. merit - (n) an excellent achievement, honor, value or quality that is deserving of approval

                        Jill earned an award of merit for never missing a day of school in twelve years

(v) deserve or be worthy of (something, especially reward, punishment, or attention)

                        We merit good grades for our hard work.


  1. negotiate - (v) to discuss in order to arrive at an agreement; discuss; debate

                        Professional athletes usually have agents who negotiate their contracts.


  1. purify - (v) to make clean and free of dirt or pollutants; to clean

                        We need to purify the dirty water so we can drink it.


  1. revoke - (v) to cancel by withdrawing or reversing; to cancel or repeal

                        The judge decided to revoke his license.


  1. wretched - (adj) very unhappy or unfortunate, miserable; very poor in quality; miserable

                        We felt wretched about the terrible accident.


  1. factor - (n) numbers we can multiply together to get another number; a whole number that

                                         divides exactly into another number

                        The factors of 15 are 1, 3, 5, and 15.


  1. multiple - (n) a number made by multiplying two whole numbers larger than one; the answer you

                                         get when you multiply a number by others

                    The multiples of 15 are 15, 30, 45, 60, and so on.  I multiplied 15 by one, then two, then three, etc.


  1. product - (n) the answer you get when you multiply two or more numbers together

                        The product of 89 x 25 is 2,225.


  1. prime number - (n) a number that is not evenly divided by any other number except one and itself

                        The numbers 7, 11, and 31 are examples of prime numbers.  The factors of 7 are one and

                        seven.  The factors of 11 are one and eleven.  The factors of 31 are one and thirty-one.


  1. composite number – (n) a number that can be evenly divided by numbers other than one and itself

                        Twenty-four is a composite number since it can be divided by 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and also

                        one and itself.