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Mrs. Wilkins' and Mrs. Peeler's Kindergarten Hive

Hello Parents/Guardians:
We are so excited about our new school year!  Mrs. Peeler and I look forward to watching your child grow academically as well as physically.  We will be learning many new things, meeting new friends and having lots of fun in learning.  We will provide a safe, loving and happy environment in our classroom.  Please return to this web page often.
We are looking forward to a great year!
Bringing Everything Everyday (BEE Folder)
Your child will be bringing home a yellow folder this week. I call this folder the "BEE Folder" B.E.E. is an acronym for Bring Everything Everyday. It is your child's responsibility to bring the BEE Folder to school each day. This is a way in which you and I can communicate on a daily basis.
On the inside left, there will be papers and notes that need to be returned the next school day. The next sleeve is where homework will be placed.  When you child finishes his/her homework place it back in the sleeve.  The next sleeve you will find the sight words that we will be working with.  Keep this list in the sleeve.  The last pocket will contain papers and things that you can keep at home. Please check this folder every day and clean it out at the end of the week..

Any time you need to contact me in writing place the note in the sleeve marked Homework. This would include notes for your child's tardies and absences. As a reminder District Six has a stringent attendance policy. It is very important that your child be in school and on time. If they are tardy or absent you need to send a note. When you send money in for lunch or ice cream, please place it in a sealed envelop with your child's name, teacher's name and what the money is for.  Place this in the homework sleeve as well.

On the back of the folder you will find a behavior calendar. This calendar will show your child's behavior for any particular day. All students will start out with a "gold". If they display a behavior that would cause the color to change, a notation will be written letting you know what he/she did. Please initial at the end of each week indicating that you have seen this and have spoken to your child encouraging him/her to correct their behavior (refer to behavior notices).
Weekly Related Arts Schedule
1:25-2:10 p.m.
Mon - Global Investigations
Tues - Literacy Alive
Wed & Thurs - P.E.
Fri - Technology Lab
Guidance - TBA
P.E. Notice 
P.E. will be on Wednesdays and Thursday each week.  Your child needs to wear tennis shoes on those days.  If he/she does not wear tennis shoes depending on the activity, they will have to sit out.
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