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Roebuck Elementary is a STEAM school dedicated to providing students opportunities to learn through real-life applications in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. Through the integration of a STEAM program, Problem-Based Learning approach, and rigorous standards, our students apply a high depth of knowledge, practice social and relational skills, and develop strong personal values. Our STEAM program provides students with opportunities to solve problems through the application of creativity, critical thinking,collaboration, and communication skills. RES is committed to preparing students to become productive 21stcentury citizens through innovative programs, quality instruction, and high expectations.

District Six schools use the following grading scale:
A 90-100
B 80-90
C 70-80
D 60-70
F Failing(Below 60)
P Passing (Only Special Education Certificate Credit)
I Incomplete
NC No Credit(Excessive Absences)
E Excellent
S Satisfactory
N Needs Improvement
U Unsatisfactory

Character Education
RES integrates character education in the curriculum. Our goal is to enable students to identify and demonstrate character traits appropriate to social and school settings. RES encourages the development of respect and responsibly toward self, others, and the world through the teaching and modeling of character traits.

Essential 15
Using Ron Clark’s The Essential 55 – An Award Winning Educator’s Rules for Discovering the Successful Student in Every Child as inspiration, Roebuck Elementary School has created our very own RES Essential 15 program.Teachers and staff worked together to select “15” essential expectations for character and behavior that are unique to the needs of RES and their students. RES Essential 15 posters are prominently displayed throughout the school as a reminder of the expectations for successful learning. As part of the RES Essential 15 program, students work together across grade level teams to make RES a place where character traits shape lives and promote success. Every class is part of one of the six teams: Perseverance,Courage, Kindness, Respect, Honesty, and Responsibility. The goal of the RES Essential 15 is to promote the development of college and career readiness skills, as well as build school unity and spirit.

Related Arts Classes
In grades one through five, students attend art, music, physical education, Global Investigations,and Instructional Computer Lab each week during the school year.Kindergarten classes attend the Literacy Alive, Instructional Computer Lab,Global Investigations once a week and physical education twice per week.An optional orchestra and band program is offered to fifth graders. The students are expected to furnish their own instruments. Students are also required to wear tennis shoes and shorts or pants to physical education.