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SC PASS & SC Ready

All third, fourth, and fifth grade students will take the SC PASS & SC Ready tests.

RES Students Making a Difference

The girls recognized there was a problem with litter on the playground. They first started by picking up the trash on Fridays. They were frustrated when they would come back to recess the next day and there would be more trash. So, they came up with a plan to educate the students about the effects of litter by placing signs around the track. The class researched facts and effects of litter. The girls created a presentation for Dr. Faulkner to request funds to purchase signs for our school. After approval, they helped to create the design and look of the signs. Their ideas for the signs were submitted and printed. Below is a picture of the girls posing with one of their signs. We are so proud of you, girls!

Our Path Forward - Phase in to 5 Days

Beginning Monday, September 28th, elementary and middle school students will shift to five-days of face-to-face instruction. Although we will transition to a regular schedule, District Six will continue to follow our Covid-19 safety protocols, including enhanced cleaning procedures, temperature checks, and masks during all transition periods and when social distancing is not possible. We look forward to our students returning to a five-day schedule next week. This scheduled transition applies only to students who currently attend face-to-face. District Six will continue to follow the guidance of health professionals and make any needed adjustments should they become necessary. As always, thank you for your continued support.

Parent Input Survey

Spartanburg School District Six needs your feedback regarding school safety measures and our goal to return to school five days a week. Please click on the link and give us your feedback, no later than Monday at noon. Thank you for your support!

Meal Options for Virtual/Hybrid Students

District Six is offering lunch options for hybrid students on the days students are not at school. We are also making meals available for virtual school students. Click this news story for ordering information and meal prices.

D6 Offers Wi-Fi Access to Students

We know that some of our families are without internet access. As a way to assist parents and students during this time, District Six has created wi-fi hot spots in all of our school parking lots.

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