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Who Am I?

WELCOME to 2nd Grade!
This is my 15th year of teaching.  I have been at Roebuck in second grade all fifteen years.  I was born in Spartanburg and attended Spartanburg High School.
I received my Bachelor's of Education from Lander University.  I received my Masters of Education from Converse College.  I believe I am meant to be a teacher and it's what I love to do!  I will love your children and treat them as if they are my own!  Thank you for trusting me with them this year!
I am married and have two beautiful daughters.  My husband is an Engineer.  My oldest daughter, Joby, is a first grade student at RES.  My youngest daughter, Jane, is three and is in preschool. I cherish my family and enjoy spending time with them!
My Favorites:
Hobbies: CLEMSON Football, dancing, shopping, and spending time with my family
Colors: Purple and Orange
Food: Mexican
Stores: Target
Let's make this year AWESOME!  I believe in YOU!